27 July, 2013

Grey Hair and L'Oreal's Fix

There aren't many words that strike fear into the hearts of people today quite like 'aging'. With every imaginable cream, solution and treatment being sold to people in the vein of preventing or even reversing aging, owning something which could revolutionize a part of that market could potentially yield huge amounts of revenue, as the market is being projected to be worth over 270 million dollars in 2013.

Not all men need hair color apparently
L'Oreal are currently own one such 'fix', as they have applied for a patent in 2004 for a treatment for grey hair. In their own words, this would be a permanent fix for the aging process regarding hair and their discoloration. The treatment would prevent hair from turning grey by mimicking an enzyme in the body by using a specific fruit extract. This enzyme, TRP-2, makes specific cells which give hair its distinct color called melanocytes. In theory therefore the treatment would prevent people's hair from going grey through natural means.

The efficacy of the treatment is still unknown, but one could argue that should the company be successful with the product, it's value could be immense. The treatment is an on-going one, potentially something one would have to take for the rest of their life should they want to retain their hair color, but the market for hair dyes could potentially be replaced from the older generations. The solution has been openly criticized for the compounds in contains, such as ones which are present in rotting fish and bad breath, but it can be argued that people would not mind so long as they can retain their lush blonde hair till their golden days.

Source: MSN

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