17 December, 2013

Pour Some Infringment On Me

Not often can you put the pop ensemble One Direction and the 1980s metal band Def Leppard in the same sentence. Even though the two styles of music differ vastly, a recent turn of events have placed both bands at odds over potential issues relating to the former's new music and possible similarities to Def Leppard's older productions.

One Direction's song called "Midnight Memories" has perked up the ears of Def Leppard and their legal team, allegedly containing parts which eerily match their 80s hit song "Pour Some Sugar On Me". Arguably as pop music has gone even more generic in recent years similarities to older song will occur even when not intended; however according to The Mirror's source: "...it’s clear the two songs sound alike".

Whether this will result in any legal action will remain to be seen, but others have noted the similarities as well. Nick Catucci mentioned this in his review of their album for Entertainment Weekly, stating that "The title track [Midnight Memories] sounds like Def Leppard's ''Pour Some Sugar on Me,'' criminally de-boogied". As such the similarities are much clearer to merely be one person's opinion, and present Def Leppard with an opportunity to get a piece of the boy band's recent success.

For any who might be interested in making their own conclusions as to any potential infringement on the youngster's part, a mash-up of both tracks can be found here. This writer for one believes this issue will not see the light of day in litigation, and will be settled outside of the courts. As One Direction has exploded in popularity since their rise to relevancy some time ago, surely Def Leppard will be interested in not letting this slide.

Source: MetalHammer

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