24 March, 2013

Welcome to IP Iustitia

The idea behind this blog is simple: to discuss, explain and expand on current developments within the field of IP law, and to also revisit old land mark cases (relevant or not today), and to give a broader overview of the topic to both laymen and professionals alike. The topic is more relevant today than ever, and the dynamic nature of it has the topics constantly change, evolve and influence the modern world we live in. Due to this impact I found it interesting to attempt to aid those interested to understand the topics more, and for the ones more knowledgeable to keep up with further developments. Legal topics tend to be tough to read, so I'll attempt to approach the subject with a light-hearted view, while still trying to keep the substance there.

I will discuss items of interest as they happen, but I will also do Retrospectives, where I will look at cases from days past, and discuss their influence and why they mattered. I might also touch on cases of interest, not necessarily because of legal precedent, but because of facts that some might find entertaining.

As the blog is still in its infancy, feedback is essential, and I encourage everyone to comment and let me know what might be wrong or what doesn't seem right. I'm only human, and even though I have dealt with the law for years, I make mistakes and can overlook things.

Thanks for reading and hopefully I might inspired you to learn more about your rights and how IP influences you.

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