24 March, 2016

IP Iustitia Turns 3!

Yet another year has passed, and IP Iustitia takes a moment to celebrates its 3rd anniversary! Both the year 2015 and early 2016 have been very eventful in the IP space, and this writer for one does enjoy taking a breather to commemorate this great occasion, if only briefly.

In its inception in early 2013, I never imagined this blog being this popular and drawing in this much interest in the IP community as it has today. Through the blog I have gotten to meet some amazing people (virtually or physically) and to share my meager musings with thousands of people; something which I do not take for granted! It has been a thrilling ride, and one that I aim to keep going for years to come.

As in earlier anniversary editions, here are some details on the blog's current numbers, figures and statistics, should you be interested in knowing what three years of active blogging might entail.

  • The blog has been visited by over 110,000 people from dozens of different countries, with the US, UK and other English speaking countries forming the bulk of the visitors. 
  • The blog's Twitter account, @IPIustitia, has amassed an amazing 767 followers (as of today) over these three short years, including a great deal of retweets, likes and discussion surrounding posted articles.
  • The blog also hosts nearly 200 articles discussing a myriad of topics and cases. Should you find that a topic or case that you would want has not been discussed, please email me at jani.ihalainen(a)gmail.com and suggest it.
  • The blog has over 200 subscribers via its Feedburner RSS service, with more subscribing via other services as well. 

But, as always, the reason why I keep writing these articles is above all else you, the reader. Although the blog's beginnings were mainly as a platform to indulge my own academic curiosity (and still is), the feedback, thoughts and connections I have made through it have been what keeps me writing and sharing my thoughts with you all. Whether you are a loyal reader, or merely a casual passer-by, I wanted to say from the bottom of my heart: Thank you! The IP community is a great one, and I am incredibly proud to be a part of it, and to share this topic with many of you who are truly passionate and incredibly knowledgable about IP.

Please keep sending me your thoughts, questions and feedback via email, and do subscribe to the above services if you do enjoy what IP Iustitia has to offer.

Here's to a great 4th year!

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