23 January, 2017

IP Iustitia is Looking for Guest Writers!

This writer started his 'career' as a blogger as a guest writer for various IP blogs, and with that being said I thought it would be high-time to extend the same courtesy to my readers who might be interested in contributing to the IP blogosphere, or just to share their own knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for IP law!

Who can be a guest writer?

There really is no template here, but working knowledge or just an interest in IP law is pretty much essential. Whether you're a student, lawyer or anything in between, as long as you know something about IP and want to share your thoughts on current events or just answer a question posed for yourself, then you're a perfect fit.

What can I write about?

What ever you want, so long as it pertains to IP law in some way and is within good taste. Current (or past) cases, new laws passed in your jurisdiction, commentary on current events; the IP world is your oyster here. The more interesting or thought provoking the better!

The only thing we don't publish is merely for the sake of advertising yourself, your firm or business, without much substance bar the bare minimum. IP Iustitia is not a commercial endeavour, but a blog to share knowledge and insight. You and your firm/business will be shared as a part of the article, so long as your article itself speaks more than the tagline at the bottom.

All posts will of course be attributed to the person, including links to your website, LinkedIn profile, social media account or blog.

How do I get in touch?

Email jani.ihalainen@gmail.com or send me a message on Twitter at @IPIustitia and tell a little bit about yourself, your education and/or your profession, and why you want to write for the blog. This is not a popularity contest, and most people's content will be published, but some base knowledge is always nice.

Also, share an idea or two about what you would want to write about. No need to have a sample, but just to brainstorm and share your vision so that I can get a better idea on fit and content. If you have any questions, do let me know as well.

If your article is good, pending editorial discretion, it will be published on the blog. If you have interest to write more than just one article (and your content is good enough), recurring guest writers will be considered happily.

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